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5 benefits of volunteering as a family

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

1. Getting outside the comfort zone of your living space helps build character. You get to make new connections with other fun and exciting folks. Live a little!

2. Family bonding happens when you experience new adventures with them. Kids are curious and love to learn about new things - teach them by volunteering.

3. Has your family's weekly schedule become the same old hum drum? Parents are working all the time and kids are busy with school and sports? Mix it up with volunteering!

4. Volunteering is FREE! We get it - families are on a budget, saving for kids college, groceries, gas and everything life throws at you gets expensive. If you can't afford to go out for a fun time but want to get out, be a volunteer.

5. Are you a multi-tasker - because you will be having fun and building skills at the same time. Yes, kids can build job worthy skills through volunteering that they can add to their resume when they get old enough for a job!

Anyone can be a volunteer, regardless of age or ability. It's very satisfying to know you've done something good to help an organization or people who need your help. Invite friends and family to volunteer with you. Your community is a better place for having volunteers. Thank you for being a volunteer.

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