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Kids Bee Day - A Big Hit!

The SOWEGA Beekeeper Club reaches 100's of kids with bee education at many community events throughout the year. Looking for the queen through the observation hive glass is an experience most kids don't forget. However, these experiences are not as fun and interactive as Kids Bee Day!

SBC Vice President and School Dean, Stan Okon teaches the Wee Bee Class that starts off the kids' day. They learn about the life cycle of a bee and how much honey one bee makes in her lifetime.

Painting canvas backpacks, coloring bee kites and planting bee friendly flowers kept kids busy. They took home everything they worked on so they could use it later! The Happy Bee paid a visit and took pictures with everyone at the photo booth.

Their backpacks were full - going home with Bee-ology kits, honeybee cupcakes, bee activity books, pollinator seed bombs, bee pens, bee bracelets and much more! We would like to thank the dozens of volunteers that came and helped make this a spectacular day! The event would not have been possible without grants from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and Georgia's Rural Center.


- Kat Tucker

SBC President

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